The uncompiled fractal programs of

This site is for those who want to see the uncompiled fractal programs of Possibly in order to make alterations.

The uncompiled programs can be opened with any word processor. The compiling procedure is described below.

The fractal project consists of these sites and folders with the (compiled) programs:














And besides these two simplified program to begin with:





The main programs

The main program in a folder has the same name as the folder. All these programs, except Quaternion, HyperComplex and Mandelbrot, must be compiled together with the unit colcyc in which the colour scales are calculated (on the basis of the parameters in the document colours). The programs Edit and EditLand, associated to the programs Ratio and Landscape, respectively, are regarded as main programs.

All the main programs are here: FractalPrograms_Main

The auxiliary programs

To all the programs, except Quaternion, HyperComplex and Mandelbrot, belong the program Scale (showing the colour scales of colours and to be compiled together with colcyc). Here is a list of the others auxiliary programs - they are put in subfolders called Accessories:
































All the auxiliary programs are here: FractalPrograms_Auxiliary

The compiling

The programs are made on the basis of the procedures of Windows and without any sort of fascility of programming. The programming language is Pascal and the programs can be compiled with this compiler:


The compiling produces, besides the execute file, a file with surname ".ow" which can be deleted.


If you delete the first line of the program, namely the instruction "{$APPTYPE GUI}" (written just before the line "Program ..."), a text window is displayed during the running. You can use this to check values of variables, and you can make the program to stop at a given place. If you want to see the values of the variables a and b, you can write "writeln(a, ' ', b);" at the actual place in the program and then compile. If you write "readln;readln;", the program stops at this place, and proceeds when you get the text window ahead and press Enter. You can before "readln;readln;" write "writeln('... (some text)');", and possibly at several places, in order to follow the running. Take care that all these instructions are deleted when you again write "{$APPTYPE GUI}" in the beginning of the program.

The fractal site

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